Time to race!

My inspiring mantra this year is PodiumTour2018. Now it’s time to see whether I’ll make it to the podium on this seasons first race; Ironman South Africa, African Championship. I’ve no idea how the competition is in my AG since I’ll do my own race anyway. Time will tell (literally).

My plan is to have a steady relaxed swim and the forecast seem to say calm waters. If I exit the water with a sub 1-hour swim I’ll be satisfied.

T1 is quite long (approx. 2,5 min)

Regarding the bike I aim for an even pace and I know it might be a challenge since the tarmac is quite rough with frequent bumps, but still, that is my plan. It’s hard to estimate how long it will take but I’d like to get off the bike having spent less than 5 hours in the saddle.

T2 is just as long as T1 since it’s the same route in the opposite direction.

For the run I’ll aim at 4.30/km for a start. If it gets very hot I might have to drop the pace accordingly, but it would be awesome to run close to 4.30-pace most of the 42.2 km.

So, now you know my plan.

My BIB is 204 and the race is covered with live reports here at Ironman Live.

Race starts at 06.30 local time here in Port Elizabeth = CET.




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