Taper week in bed?

OK – there is still plenty of time, 

Or at least a few days…

While Copenhagen is boosting with Ironman fever, I have to content myself with plain dull flu fever. Yesterday was rest day and yet my muscles and joints feel as if I had taken part in today’s Ironman. 

This is not the way I had planned to prepare for the race in Zell am See next Sunday, of course. A weeks ”rest” is no reason for panic, but I sure hope to be fit for for fight when we’re lining up for start. 

And I must admit that I can detect a hint of frustration among my thoughts…


So, I remind myself of the three ”questions for perspective”:

– Do we have a situation of national importance?

– Could it have been worse?

– Do I think there is someone in the world who would volunteer to change his/her situation for mine…?

And somehow my flu seems a bit less catastrophic. 


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En kommentar till Taper week in bed?

  1. patricbroman skriver:

    Kör hårt och lycka till!!


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