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What does it take to win?

April 15th I will start in this years first race; Ironman South Africa, which also counts as African Championship. IM SA is one out of five prioritized races I plan to participate in during 2018. The others being one European Championship … Läs mer

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2017 I’ve had Just for fun – with a purpose as guiding mantra. 2018 I’ll turn 50 and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to use “OnTop@50” as inspiration and guide for my training and racing next season. … Läs mer

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A Kalmar Ironman PRE-race report.

A RACE-report from Kalmar Ironman will follow, but first I’d like to take you back to the days leading up to Kalmar with the ambition to inspire other athletes who work consciously on the mental aspects of training and racing. … Läs mer

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Carpe diem 70.3

Logically this should have been a race report from Vansbro Triathlon last Saturday. A race that went simply great and earned me a precious top 10 rank (8th) in the Swedish Championships after 1.9 swim, 90 k bike and 21 … Läs mer

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Race day around the corner 

It’s 9.00 PM – and the evening sun is so bright I need shades when eating my pre race dinner ☀️️😎🍓. The forecast for tomorrow says ☀️☀️☀️. So I’m looking forward to a beautiful day in Vansbro during the Swedish … Läs mer

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Splits, pics and some reflections on 70.3 European Championship

Sometimes less is more Sometimes trying new stuff on race day is simply right Sometimes I wish I can race relaxed all times First the numbers: Water temperature 15.5° C Swim 1900 m: 26.54 (1.25/100m) T1: 4.07 Bike 90 km: … Läs mer

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Time to walk the talk

…although I will of course swim, bike and run.  I’ve decided to have ”Just for fun – with a purpose” as my mental guiding star this season. Tomorrow it’s time for Ironman 70.3 European Championship, and my main goal is … Läs mer

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Just for fun – with a purpose

During winter I usually allow myself a couple of month for reflection and goal setting for the next season. The foundation is the same: I want to create happiness for others and myself. If I have a mission in my … Läs mer

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The agony of leaving a friend in the lurch

The last few days I’ve experienced a new kind of challenge linked to training and racing. About a year ago Antti Antonov and I started talking about racing ÖtillÖ, the swimrun world championship, as a team. Antti is a ÖtillÖ … Läs mer

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Ready to race

BIB ready to race for tomorrow’s Challenge Roth.     3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run.  A race I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. An A-race, hence no safety pins for the BIB, but … Läs mer

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