Been there, won that.

Time to share more instead.IM SA Fin DAB

Today a year ago I started the season by finishing Ironman South Africa, African Championship. I had labelled the season Podium Tour 2018. The purpose of this was to inspire me through training and then the race season, from October 2017 when I kicked off the very targeted training towards the Podium Tour with Oscar Olsson as my coach, all the way to Kona.

The dreamed that fuelled my training and guided my priorities was to finish on the podium “in at least some” of the five championships I planned to race. I told Oscar that my vision was “to be capable of beating the AG course record in Kona, 9.16.38”, so that was our inspiring “barrier-breaking dream goal”.

The way the season turned out truly was in line with my wildest dreams (i.e. way beyond my sober expectations).

Now, 2019, as a winner of 70.3 WC in PE and IM WC in Kona last year I’m automatically qualified for the 70.3 WC in Nice and Kona.

But I won’t go there.

Simply because I don’t want to.

Or more accurately, because I don’t feel the true temptation, the surge, the inspiration.

I have no inspiring answer to my  Why-question. Instead I’m more like “been there, won that”.

It has taken me a while to realize and admit to myself that this year I’m more interested in getting back to “feeling strong” and if possible share my experiences with other athletes who want to find their true potential.

This means I’ll have a different approach to my training. My main goal for the race season is to “feel fit and strong” during the Ironman Hamburg in July.

It also means that I hope I’ll able to share a lot of the experience I’ve built over the years. This will be on a “better done than perfect basis” since I’ve realised that otherwise there won’t be more than one or two post quarterly…

And here is the first post in line with this new ambition.

My nutrition plan as I had it written in my iPhone as a preparation for Ironman South Africa last year. I won my AG at a new AG course record (9.18.06) with a 48 min margin to the runner up. And the CR still stands after this years IM SA despite the shortened swim (1.6 k instead of 3.8 k) this year. So, at least it was a success formula for me:

Special thanks to Anders Björkqvist for the video.

Nutrition plan Carl Brümmer IM SA 2018

Aero bottle almost 600 ml ”360” = 85 + 20 g carbs (400ml water + mix >> almost 500 ml for one portion. Fills approx. another 1/4 mixed portion.

1 dl of this to special needs 360 bottle which should be 1 port + 1 dl).  Blue bottle for transportation.

Small 0.5 L Maurten btl behind saddle (lower, less risk it gets kicked off).  160 = 40 g

Large 0.75 L Maurten bottle on frame.  1.5 port 320 = 80 + 40 g (mixed volume> 0.5 l)

A total of about 265 g of carbohydrates at start.

Liquid = about 1.7 litres

Estimated additional water requirement about 2×0.5L for a total of about 1L water / h

Drinks 0.5 L 160 first 30 min for replacing fluid and energy for swim.

Throw 1st bottle in 1st aid station Schoenmakerskop, 20 km and then water on the frame.

Use aero bottle for energy in the next hour (some spill accounted for)

10 km to Grassroof, 15 (16) km to TP, 15 (16) back t Groof.  Just over 40 km.

AS2 at TP which is about 4 km out on Elizabeth Road.

Fill from saddle bottle (drink just over 2 dl first!) before Grassroof to prepare for AS3 Sardinia Bay (just after the down hill Grassroof).  Fill before Grassroof!

About 30 km to special needs and AS4.  About 45 min. This leaves about 80 g of carbohydrates for this.

In special needs: 1 bottle Maurten ”360” (1 full and 1 dl ready for mixing to aerobic start) = about 85 g >> Press in aero bottle.  Just over 5 dl takes 25-30 sec to fill with some spill. A little cautious to avoid excess waste. Empty bottle is put in the bag.  Should contain about 5.5 dl of mixed drink.

A small Maurten bottle”360″ = 85 g

A large Maurten 1 port 320 + 1/2 port 160 = 80 + 20 g (barely then mixed volume> 0.5 l)

A total of about 270 g in special needs for lap 2.

Liquid = about 1.6 litres

Estimated additional water requirement about 2×0.5L for a total of about 1L water / h

Add water for cooling to pour over me.

Should be enough for about 2.25 cycling.  The feeling may determine if starting with 380 / 300mix / 160.

A total of 520 g of carbohydrates fluid for bike play.  Estimated time 4h 50 min.

3 gel in frame storage.  75 g of reserve carbohydrates and can be used before run if it feels ok.

Caffeine in frame storage 5 tablets of 100 mg.  Count on using 2-3 pieces.  Easy to lose…

Salt in Maurten + capsules


Use Maurten gels and water from sachets as main sources for energy and fluids:

One lap takes 47 minutes and passes AS 5 times.

3 gels/lap >> about 100 g of carbohydrates / h.

Would then need 5 until the SN

And 7 from SN.

Water sachets are available from T2.

1 gel at;

– AS 2 running (Marine scouts) + lap band.

– AS 4 5th Avenue

– Passage past AS 4 towards T1 / T2 (with own water)

>>3 gels / 75 g per lap.

5 gels with out for T2

7 gel with fr SN.  + salt (4 caps) + caffeine (3 tabl) + 0.5 L Maurten 320 in case tired of gels.  Can sip on it and then throw away if gel ok. 7 Maurten gels weigh 290 g and gives about 175 g C.

From T2 it is 2.7 km to TP1 and then 3.8 km to Special needs.  I.e. a total of 6.5 km T1 to SN. Thus, SN can be reached after

6.5 / 17km or 27.5km or 39km.

17 km gives 1h 16 ‘@ 4.30 PLAN A  (25 km left, 1 h 52 ‘)

27.5 km gives 2h 04 ‘@ 4.30  (14.5 km left, 1h 05 ‘)

____  ____  ____

As you can see, I’m quite detailed in my planning.

I hope this can help you in your planning for your next race.

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Sweet dreams


PS – on the evening the same day I decided not to go to Kona this year I found myself
looking up the course record for Kona in the AG 55-59, so maybe…

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  1. Lars Halkier skriver:

    Tusinde tak for dine fine indlæg.
    Jeg læser det med stor interesse glæder mig at se dig tilbage på toppen.

    Kærlig hilsen
    Din danske kammerat


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