Carpe diem 70.3

Logically this should have been a race report from Vansbro Triathlon last Saturday. A race that went simply great and earned me a precious top 10 rank (8th) in the Swedish Championships after 1.9 swim, 90 k bike and 21 k run. I’m so happy for the outcome of the race, not the least the run portion since I kind of bonked last year. This year I had the 5th fastest run of the day!

But instead this is a short Carpe Diem 70.3 note:

I asked Oscar Olsson (O2Tri) what he thought about the idea to race Jönköping 70.3 only a week after Vansbro (which was two weeks after Elsinore 70.3…). He said 1) Recover properly 2) Give it a go. I also asked Clas Björling for his advice at the finish in Vansbro, and these gentlemens advice have guided me during last week. 

And here I am…signed up for the race at 13.00 today on site, and booked a hotel at 20.00 (!) when I realised it was getting a bit late to drive to my parents in law (1.5 h drive) for some sleep and then drive back…

Now a late (a big know-do gap here…) pre race dinner, some extra fluids and go to sleep. 

Not my standard procedure. But I’m enjoying it to 💯% and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s race and to find out how my body will react to a third 70.3 within three weeks. Just for fun – with a purpose!

BIB (selfmade!) 1906 

Start 8.50 

Live coverage here

Time to enjoy summer and smell some flowers 😊

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