Månadsarkiv: juni 2017

Race day around the corner 

It’s 9.00 PM – and the evening sun is so bright I need shades when eating my pre race dinner ☀️️😎🍓. The forecast for tomorrow says ☀️☀️☀️. So I’m looking forward to a beautiful day in Vansbro during the Swedish … Läs mer

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Splits, pics and some reflections on 70.3 European Championship

Sometimes less is more Sometimes trying new stuff on race day is simply right Sometimes I wish I can race relaxed all times First the numbers: Water temperature 15.5° C Swim 1900 m: 26.54 (1.25/100m) T1: 4.07 Bike 90 km: … Läs mer

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Time to walk the talk

…although I will of course swim, bike and run.  I’ve decided to have ”Just for fun – with a purpose” as my mental guiding star this season. Tomorrow it’s time for Ironman 70.3 European Championship, and my main goal is … Läs mer

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