Awesome bike for an awesome season to come – and a question to The Swedish Tri Community 

A great finish of a great work week. I’ve had a fantastic week working with awesome companies Mon-Thursday and several inspiring meetings today. 

To crown this I got my new super road bike handed over from Bike Tyson himself in the sunset. An Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro (the frame is 835 g and so aero!)

 For a closer look check in this clip

And for details go to

If you want one – go to

Tyson has a Nitrogen 2015 on sale right now…

And now the question:

My friend and team mate at this years Ö-till-Ö SwimRun World Champs Antti Antonov finished an Ironman sub9 the year he turned 46 (2011) and at that very race he became a great source of inspiration for me and my training ever since. 

Is there any swedish athlete who finished sub9 in Ironman distance at a higher age?

Or would I become the oldest if I make it at Challenge Roth this summer…?

//Calle in the search for inspiring goals

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