24 h to start 70.3 World Championship – links for coverage

I willingly admit that I’m very curious regarding how my body will react to tomorrows IMG_0163race. I’ve looking forward to the race for almost a year after qualifying in Helsingør mid September last year, and in Motala I found out that I was in great shape.

The weather forecast says ”35-38 degrees in the afternoon” according to local radio. So it will be a hot race since it’s a late start. The pros start 10.45 and then there will be waves approx. every 5 minutes. My AG starts at 11.26, which means we’ll head for the highest point of the bike course just as the sun reaches zenith :-).

The bike course is quite challenging with some steep and tricky sections up and not the least downhill. The photo below shows a section of the descent.


The run is flat and I think there will be sections with some trees that provide shadow. Staying hydrated will be key!

Since it’s the World Championship the field is crowded with really fast girls and boys such as Camilla Pedersen, Daniela Ryf, Jan Frodeno, Sebastian Kienle and Javier Gomez just to mention a few of the sports world stars that are here to battle for the medals.

Regarding my own race I’ve had to adjust my preparations totally due to illness. Yesterday I had a short bike ride (4 k) just up and down the 2 k up to the highest point. 14% ascent/descent, killing my legs on the way up and the breaks on the way down. It was my first act of training for a week and I’ll try to do a short swim and run this afternoon just to try to get the system going. It really hard to predict whether I’ll be able to race well or not. My prime concern is the stomachache I’ve been dealing with for the last week (the fever is gone). In case it won’t be gone when the race starts I know it will be hard to unleash my full potential on the race course, but I can promise that I’ll do my best given the circumstances!

This is a link to the live coverage of the race:


And here is the link for the athlete tracker where you can enter BIB, name or seach on pros/age groups:


My BIB (start number) is 902

Schöne Grüße aus Österreich!


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