Patrik Nilsson runs a 2.45 marathon and wins Ironman Sweden

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Last year In Kalmar Patrik Nilsson tried to beat Tom Lowe by running a 3.30 min/km pace…for a while… His run split ended at 4.04.06. Lessons learned…

This year Patrik delivered an impressing race with 100% focus and control. We all know that an Ironman is a very VERY long race. We also know that it takes time to develop the physical and mental skills needed to stay in control over mind and body during such a challenge. To become You. Just stronger! Well, Patrik is 23 so he has plenty of time to reach his full potential, and this makes his race even more impressive.

The swim in the choppy waters was later described as a ”fight for survival” by the media referring to some of the (less prepared?) age groupers. Patriks starts the day with a solid 52.11 swim.

The bike: Challenging winds gives the athletes a demanding start of the bike leg. Patrik stays cool and so the first 12 k shows an average speed of 32 km/h. He and K-J Danielsson then keep the lead and never let the chasing pack stress them. This is Patrik biking at the turning point at 120 k.

 They get of their bikes after a 4.27 bike split with K-J in a 20 sec lead.

And this is where Patrik really start showing what a great Ironman athlete he is and that pacing is key.: He uses a little bit of extra energy to close the gap to K-J Danielsson in the beginning of the marathon with a 3.47 pace. (not 3.30…) They cross the bridge 1, 5 k into the run side by side.

Same video in slow motion on Instagram: Run1

After the first 5 k Patrik fastest split shows a 3.50 pace, and the ”slowest” a 4.00 (except the final split including the red carpet walk over the finish line: 4.02). His pacing is exemplary and should serve as a role model many athletes out there.

This is Patrik running over cobblestone on the 2 nd lap (~16 k) in the same relaxed and controlled way.

Same video in slow motion on Instagram: Run 2
~28 km – a young master Patrik in action. Not to fast, not to slow, just beautiful to watch.

 Same video in slow motion on Instagram: Run3
With less than 1 k to go. Same guy – same bridge – same stride. It’s just that Patrik is just about to finish a 2.45 marathon! Watch and get inspired:

Same video in slow motion on Instagram: Run4

Patrik wins Ironman Sweden setting new national IM record at 8.08.05.

In my view this is a master piece in many perspectives. Not the least due to the fact that Patrik has already got a slot for this years Kona, but he is not planning to go there since he means he’ll go there when he feels really prepared!

Needless to say: Keep on eye on this guy if you want to see an Ironman star evolve and reach his full potential: Patriks homepage

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